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Process Of Enrollment


If you’re interested in learning more about Faith Christian School, we welcome you to schedule a tour by calling our office at 320.294.5501 to help you make an informed decision on whether FCS is a great fit for your family and student.


After your visit, if you feel comfortable and confident that FCS is the right choice for your family, we invite you to complete an application. You can download the application form or submit an application digitally found below.


During the interview, our aim is to ensure that we can address the academic and physical needs of every student, while assessing whether the expectations and requirements of your family and student align closely with those of our school.


If everything aligns and suits the needs of your student, we would be thrilled to welcome them as a valuable member of our Christ-centered school.  Please find below the necessary documents required for new students.


Montessori based program for preschoolers aged 3 – 4 years of age. The program provides a nurturing and engaging learning environment that helps children develop not only academic skills but also important life skills such as independence, responsibility, and social awareness


Traditional all day kindergarten. This provides children with a solid foundation in core academic subjects, as well as opportunities for enrichment and social development, preparing students for the primary grades and sets them on a path towards academic success

Student Enrollment Documents