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Get to know us

Get To Know Us

Who are we?

We believe that what is taught at FCS must be based on God’s truth. It is only reasonable that the word of God be our foundation. It is our filter and instruction manual for what is taught as well as methodology and discipline in the classroom. We strive to teach each subject from a Biblical viewpoint while encouraging students to do their best to the glory of God.

Statement of Faith

Mission & Vision

Faith Christian School is an interdenominational Christian school providing quality, Bible-based academics in a loving atmosphere.

Our vision is to develop and strengthen Faith Christian School to be a dynamic resource for our community by preparing students academically, spiritually, and socially to respond to God’s call for their lives and thus impact their community for Christ.

The Story of Faith Christian School

God has a plan for his people. A chosen seed should grow and be nourished to provide a cradle for the savior of the world. Faith Christian School is a modern miracle. Many individuals were and still are a part of this ongoing miracle through a step-by-step walk of faith in the power and under the direction of the living lord Jesus. 

February 9, 1977 sparked the very early beginnings of Faith Christian School. Three mothers from the Estes Brook Evangelical Free Church went with Pastor Henry Swanson  in search of books for their new church library. While conversing, there came to be the interest for an evangelical Christian school to serve their community. Over the next year, the possibility of starting a Christian school was put into play. Meetings were held, research was discovered, material created, and votes were counted. Unfortunately, the many attempts of creating the school had failed. 

In May of 1978, a meeting was held to establish a school of parent-teacher association. A school board was elected. A curriculum committee and building committee were appointed. The board began work on the constitution, hiring a principal and teachers and pursuing the study of choosing a curriculum. The subject of a name came up. “Faith Christian School” was born that day. The group was aware that this was God’s choice. Soon Joe Boringa was hired as the school’s first principal. The decision was made to apply the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum to Faith Christian School. 

There were some obstacles. Since the group was not a church, they were unsure if the ACE curriculum would apply to a parent operated school. ACE required a pastor-superintendent. Their pastor Henry Swanson was receiving a call to another church in southern Minnesota. The group had no finances and no church commitment for financial backing. A number of the committed group also had doubts about going ahead without a church. 

God removed these obstacles. ACE considered Faith Christian School’s application. They made an exception that with required training for the principal and paster-superintendent, Faith Christian school fellowship was accepted without a church. At a school board meeting, Pastor Ellsworth Moritz was mentioned. After some discussion between Pastor Swanson and Paster Moritz, Pastor Moritz agreed to take on the role of the first pastor-superintendent of Faith Christian School. Pastor Moritz took part in the last training of the summer to fulfill all ACE requirements. The building committee found a former school house located one-half mile from highway 23 just west of Foreston in the Milaca School District. One of the families in the school society felt God call upon them to buy the building and offer it rent free to the school. Teachers began their ACE training at Woodcrest Baptist Church along with Priscilla Mohrenweiser. Priscilla felt that it was right to join the faculty at Faith Christian School as another teacher was needed badly. Her experience with ACE became a blessing to the school.

The month of August was full of work as everyone prepared the building for the first day of school. The first day started with 35 students enrolled. The next year it grew to 49 and the following year to 65. 17 Churches were represented in the Milaca, Foley, and Princeton area. The school expanded in 1980. The miracle of Faith Christian School continues. Today over 100 students are enrolled at Faith Christian School and over 30 churches are represented as well.